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Mission & Vision

We exist to Share the Truth about Whole-Person Identity, Healthy Relationships, and Sexual Integrity with Youth, Families, and Communities.

Whole-person development is a foundational part of building healthy relationships with youth, families, and communities.

It encompasses the recognition of the interconnectedness of each individual’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs.


Developing an understanding of this interconnectedness encourages youth to respect their own needs as well as those of others in their lives.

The cultivation of whole-person identity in youth requires a multi-faceted approach that focuses on helping them identify how they think and feel about themselves.

It explores what they need in life to be successful and fulfilled, understanding their role in relationship dynamics within their families and communities..

Students learn how to work towards reconciling any differences that may arise between individuals.

By focusing on these aspects of identity development, youth are better equipped to build positive relationships with the people around them that support mutual respect and growth.


Healthy, Whole, and Fulfilled Lives for all Youth.

We believe that everyone deserves to have a healthy, whole, and fulfilled life regardless of their age. This is especially true for youth who are in the process of growing up and navigating life’s complex journey.

Activities, Services, and Programs

To ensure that all young people have access to Healthy, Whole, and Fulfilled Lives, communities must invest in activities, programs, and services that can support youth as they grow and develop into young adults.

Through holistic health education, positive relationships with caring adults and peers, opportunities to get involved in meaningful activities such as volunteering or internships, and meaningful employment pathways – communities can help ensure that all youth have access to what they need to lead fulfilling lives.