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Pure & Simple Truth For Youth

We are passionate about equipping young people with the knowledge they need to make healthy, informed decisions about their lives.

This is especially true when confronting relationship choices, sexual pressure, pornography, and mental health. We need YOUR help to empower young people with the TRUTH! Truth Builders is a monthly giving club that recognizes those who commit to financially supporting our mission every month.

Empowering Students Through Your Support.

Empowering Young people with the TRUTH so that they can live AUTHENTIC lives free from destructive habits.

Now more than ever, Our youth deserve to know their full worth & intrinsic value. This is why we strive to bring knowledge and support to help them navigate their journey of personal growth.

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It takes courage and dedication to make real change in this world.

We hope you will stand with youth, families, and communities by “GIVING TRUTH” today – for today’s youth, and for future generations!

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How Donations Make An Impact

Donations to Pure and Simple Truth for Youth are invaluable and greatly appreciated.

The financial gifts we receive support us in many ways, including the retreats we offer, our Becoming YOU videos and sessions that guide young people in discovering their whole identity, the Equipping Parents classes that help parents know how to have these important conversations with their teens, Ongoing training for the Truth for Youth, and other events where we present the truth to our communities.

With your help, we can continue to empower and enlighten today’s youth with knowledge and a deeper understanding of who they are and what they are capable of achieving.

*Pure & Simple Truth for Youth, Inc. is a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization. All donations are directly applied for developmental and integration purposes related to our mission.

By donating to Pure and Simple Truth for Youth, you support their mission and help them continue empowering kids.

“We are glad to help because we believe the “Pure and Simple” mission is a top priority to help counterbalance the sexualized culture that’s bombarding our young people every day. It’s very sad to see so many children and teens being corrupted and robbed of their innocence… Thank you and the team there for all you do to combat this. You are certainly doing God’s work!”

Tony Catanese, Donor