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Welcome to Pure & Simple Truth for Youth!

Welcome to our newly designed website for Pure & Simple Truth for Youth, Inc. We are so glad you are here! 

Whether you come as a parent, a pastor, a teacher or school administrator, a youth leader, as someone who cares about this generation’s youth, or as a youth or young adult yourself, it is our hope that you will find the resources you are looking for here with us.

If this is your first time hearing about Pure & Simple Truth for Youth, Inc. We invite you to check out the “What we Do” tab to see what we offer as well as our Mission and Vision to see why we do what we do and Our Impact page to see the great difference we are making for the youth we serve. 

Today’s youth are growing up in a world where they are exposed to much more information than any other generation. They can access virtually anything they are curious about by simply typinga question into a search engine. Though they might find more information than they wanted to know and, without proper guidance, may not be able to sift out the misinformation from the truth. Especially when it comes to information about sexuality, they might only hear and seebroken fragments of what love and sex really are. 

Our Pure & Simple mission is to give youth the opportunity to hear and see the whole truth of life, love, and sex. Our Truth for Youth retreats and Becoming YOU: Discovering Your Whole Identity video series for middle schoolers and high schoolers offer our generation’s youth a whole-person view of identity, relationships, and sexuality. The “secret sauce” of our retreats and Becoming YOU sessions is our Truth for Youth Team led by high school and young adults whooffer middle schoolers peer-to-peer mentorship and real life examples. We invite high schoolers and young adults to join the team and attend our monthly SPICE Nights

We invite you to follow us on Facebook and Instagram and Subscribe to our E-Newsletter to hear about all our upcoming events and news. Contact us if you have any questions.

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